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Pioneer Pauly Sticker Pack 1

Pioneer Pauly Sticker Pack 1

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Unleash your creative spirit and personalize your world with the Pioneer Pauly Sticker Pack 1. This exclusive pack features five unique, hand-drawn illustrations that capture the essence of Pioneer Pauly's adventurous life. Each sticker is a vibrant expression of the gold prospecting journey, perfect for adding a dash of adventure to your everyday items.

Sticker Highlights:

Pioneer Pauly's Enthusiastic Head: A lively rendition of Pauly's face, full of the joy and excitement that he brings to every adventure.

Snorkel Mask with Glimmering Gold: The iconic snorkel mask, detailed with a reflection of a shimmering gold nugget, symbolizing the thrill of discovery.

Iconic Canada Toque: A tribute to Pauly’s roots, this sticker features his beloved Canadian toque, a symbol of his adventurous spirit in the wild.

Trusty Spoon with Gold Nugget: Celebrating the tools of the trade, this sticker showcases Pauly's trusty spoon, complete with a gleaming gold nugget, capturing the essence of the hunt.

Pickaxe and Spoon Cross: Styled like the classic skull and crossbones, this design represents the adventurous and daring nature of gold prospecting.

Product Features:

High-Quality Gloss: Each sticker is made with MPI 3000 Gloss HOP (EU) or Promotional Monomeric PVC (US), ensuring a glossy and vibrant finish that stands out.

Perfect Sizing: With a dimension of 5.83″×8.27″, these stickers are the ideal size for personalizing laptops, phones, notepads, and more.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Enjoy 2–3 years of durability with these glossy stickers, perfect for indoor use and designed for easy application.

Thoughtful and Sustainable: Each pack is made to order, reducing overproduction and environmental impact. Thank you for choosing a product that’s kind to the planet.

Application Tip: For optimal adhesion and longevity, remember to clean the surface before applying your new Pioneer Pauly stickers.

Your Personal Adventure Badge:

The Pioneer Pauly Sticker Pack 1 is more than just decoration; it’s a celebration of the gold prospecting journey and a badge of your adventurous spirit. Stick them, share them, and carry a piece of the Pioneer Pauly adventure wherever you go!

Size guide

  HEIGHT (inches) WIDTH (inches)
5.83″×8.27″ 8 ¼ 5 ⅞
  HEIGHT (cm) WIDTH (cm)
5.83″×8.27″ 21 14.8
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