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Pioneer Pauly Gold Sniping

My Story

As a child growing up on the beautiful west coast of Canada, I became infatuated with exploring the outdoors and collecting anything I could find such as rocks, shells, relics, arrowheads and any other treasures. I never felt like I fit into the typical society standard for what people should be doing with their lives but even as a child, I didn't care. I knew if I followed what I loved the universe would one day do the rest.

Fast forward many years I tried gold panning with a family member during a tough time and instantly became addicted to the rush (no pun intended). I started to film my journeys and stayed authentic to my weird, quirky personality that had made me feel so out casted before. With some hard work, and my stubbornness, I had harnessed my weakness's into strengths and created a large community of likeminded people that loved to watch my adventures. This was the start of my new life and the birth of PioneerPauly!

All this time I was searching for shiny things trapped in the dirt and what I really ended up finding out there was myself.

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